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Federal Enforcement Actions for

New Jersey inspects nursing homes for compliance with federal Medicare standards under a contract with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Based on the results of a routine inspection or a complaint investigation, New Jersey may recommend to CMS that further enforcement actions be taken against a nursing home. CMS makes the final determination and may issue penalties or fines that vary from the original recommendation.

To obtain complete information about a nursing home inspection and recommended enforcement action, please request copies of these documents through New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act (OPRA). Please cite both the inspection ID number and the enforcement ID number when making requests.

For more information about the federal enforcement program, visit the CMS web site

Between 01/01/2015 AND 09/21/2022

Enforcement Action ID
Inspection ID Inspection
In Compliance
NJXBF6 3U6R11 06/21/2022
NJKEAZ 9VR011 05/30/2022 05/30/2022
NJYDHP 4DGB11 12/30/2021
NJYDHP 4DGB21 12/30/2021
NJRT0Y 84M411 08/24/2021
NJRT0Y WF8I11 07/27/2021
NJB9H8 884R11 07/12/2021 07/12/2021
NJ0ZCN 0G1R11 06/07/2021 06/07/2021
NJXJTU TFTG11 05/31/2021 05/31/2021
NJWZBG Y5BI11 05/24/2021 05/24/2021
ME7411 05/19/2021
NJF95V UQQU11 05/17/2021 05/17/2021
NJP8ZP DJJO11 05/10/2021 05/10/2021
NJCWVJ 07KE11 10/02/2020 02/24/2020
NJCWVJ LV6U11 08/21/2020
NJK97H ROMZ11 07/15/2020 07/07/2020