Additional Health Department Forms

Forms for Special Child Health Services

Forms and Instructions
Form # Title PDF/WORD Instruction/ Comments
SCH-0 Special Child Health Services Registration Form pdf 184k
doc 205k
Instructions and Legends
pdf 167k
doc 57k  
SCH-1 Autism Registration
(Updated November 16, 2016)
(This revised form is to be used in place of the SCH-0/SCH-1 combination.)
pdf 30k
doc 158k
(Updated November 16, 2016)
pdf 21k
doc 52k  
SCH-2 Newborn Hearing Follow-Up Report pdf 31k
doc 77k
pdf 21k
doc 32k  
SCH-3 Lost to Hearing Follow Up Report pdf 25k
doc 63k
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