Department of Health
Directory of Grant Programs
This directory provides a comprehensive listing of grant funds expected to be available from the Department of Health. The Department awards grants from State appropriations, federal awards, and other funding sources. Since the award and appropriation of these funds do not always conform to the State Fiscal Year, the information included in this directory is based on anticipated grant awards that will begin in the period from July 1 through June 30 of each State Fiscal Year. The ability of the Department to make grant awards is expressly dependent upon the availability of funds appropriated by the State Legislature from State and/or federal revenue or such other funding sources as may be applicable.

The directory is divided into separate grant programs, which provide specific services through grant awards. Many programs are funded jointly by State, federal, and other funds. The information identified in each Notice of Fund Availability (NOFA) is without reference to the source of funding. Prospective applicants may request additional information on any program from the contact listed in the NOFA, including a copy of the Request for Applications (RFA), if a link is not available in the directory.

There are certain funds that have been excluded from this directory. They represent formula grants, which, by law, are distributed to specific recipients (i.e., counties and municipalities); special legislation to provide funding to a specific agency; and the disbursement of funds by a means other than grant award. Please contact the Grants Unit at 609-376-8508 to request additional information on these excluded programs.

Fiscal Year: 2020 - 2021

Community Health Services, Community Health and Wellness Notice of Fund
Request for
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis   NOFA   
Chronic Renal Disease - Revised 5/27/20   NOFA   
Comprehensive Cancer Control Program - Revised 4/3/20   NOFA   RFA
Diabetes Capacity Building   NOFA   RFA
Diabetes Prevention Control Program - Revised 5/4/20   NOFA   RFA
Faith in Prevention Program   NOFA   
FDA Tobacco Enforcement   NOFA   
Heart Disease and Stroke Grant   NOFA   RFA
Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention - Revised 5/4/20   NOFA   RFA
New Jersey Cancer Education and Early Detection - NJCEED - Revised 4/3/20   NOFA   RFA
Nutrition and Physical Fitness   NOFA   
Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Services   NOFA   
Community Health Services, Office of Primary Care and Rural Health
Children's Oral Health   NOFA   
Federally Qualified Health Center Expansion - Revised 2/27/20   NOFA   
Oral Health Nutrition and Obesity Control Program   NOFA   
Primary and Rural Heath - Revised 7/31/20   NOFA   
Epidemiology, Environmental and Occupational Health
Special Program to Increase Immunization Levels   NOFA   
Family Health Services, Maternal and Child Health
Adolescent Health   NOFA   
Doula Pilot Project   NOFA   
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention   NOFA   
Healthy Women Healthy Families   NOFA   
Outreach and Education   NOFA   
Personal Responsibility Education Program   NOFA   
Postpartum Depression and Mood Disorders   NOFA   
Sexual Risk Avoidance Education   NOFA   
Family Health Services, Special Child Health and Early Intervention Services
Case Management   NOFA   
Child Evaluation Centers   NOFA   
Early Identification and Monitoring   NOFA   
Hemophilia Services   NOFA   
New Jersey Early Intervention System - NJEIS   NOFA   
Newborn Screening & Genetic Services   NOFA   
NJ Statewide Family Centered HIV Care Network   NOFA   
Organ Tissure Donor Program   NOFA   
Pediatric Tertiary Centers   NOFA   
Family Health Services, Women, Infants, and Children - WIC
Commodity Supplemental Food Program   NOFA   
Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children   NOFA   
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education   NOFA   
Governor's Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism
Autism Basic Science Research Pilot Projects   NOFA   
Autism Clinical Research and Translational Research Pilot Projects   NOFA   
Autism Concept Projects   NOFA   
Autism Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Fellowship Research Grant Program   NOFA   
HIV, STD and TB Services, HIV
Care and Treatment   NOFA   
HIV Prevention Services - Harm Reduction Program   NOFA   
HIV Prevention Services - State   NOFA   
HIV/AIDS Support Services   NOFA   
Ryan White Part B   NOFA   
Ryan White Part B LOA   NOFA   
Ryan White Part B Supplemental   NOFA   
HIV, STD and TB Services, Sexually Transmitted Diseases Program
Sexually Transmitted Disease   NOFA   
HIV, STD and TB Services, Tuberculosis Control Program
TB Prevention and Control Regional, TB Specialty Clinic Services   NOFA   
New Jersey Commission on Brain Injury Research
Individual Research Grant   NOFA   
Pilot Research Grant   NOFA   
Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Fellowship Grant   NOFA   
New Jersey Commission on Spinal Cord Research
Exploratory Research Grant   NOFA   
Individual Research Grant   NOFA   
Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Fellowship Grant   NOFA   
Techniques Training Travel Grant   NOFA   
Office of Local Public Health
Childhood Lead - Revised 8/3/20   NOFA   RFA
Local Public Health Overdose Fatality Review Teams - Revised 7/1/20   NOFA   RFA
Office of Minority and Multicultural Health
Community Health Disparities Prevention   NOFA   
Office of the Commissioner
Establishing Maternal and Neonatal Levels of Care in New Jersey   NOFA   RFA
Public Health Infrastructure, Laboratories and Emergency Preparedness
Expanding SARS-CoV-2 Testing in Hospitals/Clinical Laboratories in New Jersey - Revised 7/28/20   NOFA   RFA
Healthcare Preparedness Program - Full Grant - Revised 6/10/20   NOFA   
Healthcare Preparedness Program - Poison Information and Education System   NOFA   
Hospital Preparedness Program   NOFA   
Hospital Preparedness Program - Emergency Funding   NOFA   
NJEMS Helicopter Response Program   NOFA   
Public Health Emergency Preparedness - LINCS - Revised 5/1/20   NOFA